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Strategic, business-centered legal advice for small businesses, service providers and online entrepreneurs.



Think of it as having a lawyer on speed-dial without the price tag of in-house counsel. Perfect for businesses with consistent legal needs that don’t quite justify hiring a full-time attorney, a legal subscription lets you pay a fixed monthly fee for access to a seasoned business law pro as your brand’s legal sidekick. We’ll help you with common business law matters like document review, contract drafting, IP asset protection, and staying on the right side of regulations. Plus, when someone hands you a proposal or contract to sign, you’ll always have the opportunity to run it by an attorney first, so you’re not creating issues that become expensive legal problems down the road.

Here’s What’s Included:

Comprehensive Initial Brand Audit and Creation of Custom Legal Roadmap

An in-depth audit of your business and brand, consisting of:

  • A deep dive into your business plan, offers, goals & objectives
  • Review of existing business and legal documentation (formation documents, contracts, licenses, IP registrations, etc)
  • Identifying legal issues
  • Prioritizing legal issues based on urgency, risk and effect on revenue/valuation
  • Creating a Legal Roadmap with list of Legal Projects to be done, in order of priority, with specific deadlines to ensure work stays on track


You’ll have the freedom to discuss any legal concerns or questions with your attorney as they arise, allowing you to get the guidance you need, when you need it, without worrying about being nickel-and-dimed for every phone call.

Reach out anytime with quick questions or concerns (“quick” in this context means less than 30 minutes to research and respond) via email and get an attorney’s opinion about any important business issue before committing to a response or course of action.


It’s easy to forget about the legal side of business when things are running smoothly.

We use these quick check-ups to get updates on your operations and identify any potential legal issues that may require proactive action.

We’ll identify issues that need your immediate attention, as well as matters that may warrant amending your Legal Roadmap at your next Quarterly Checkup.

These sessions also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about your contracts, legal SOPs, IP strategy, problem clients, recurring disputes, etc


  • Review of up to 4 legal documents per month
  • up to 50 pages per month 
  • in addition to contracts and letters, we can also review marketing materials, website copy, and UGC/sponsored posts for advertising compliance
  • 30% discount on all additional document review services

Our subscription legal service ensures that our clients never have to sign documents they don’t understand, post content that violates FTC and other regulations, or agree to terms that will cost them exponentially more than the value of the deal in the long term.


Six (6) trademark clearance searches per year at $500 each 

  • Less than half the price of the a la carte service
  • Searches include purchasing search results from third party provider, plus written attorney analysis, opinion & recommendation letter

Quarterly Trademark Application for $500 each plus USPTO fees (currently $350/class)

Quarterly Copyright Application for $150 per application (includes Copyright Office fees)


Quarterly Strategy Session + Legal Update

At these more in-depth business reviews, we will:

  • review your past Quarter’s progress and discuss your business plan, offers, goals & objectives for the next Quarter

  • identify existing and potential legal issues

  • update Legal Roadmap & re-prioritize existing Legal Projects if necessary based on urgency, risk and financials

  • discuss adding new Legal Projects based on changes in business structure, personnel, circumstances, changes in direction/offers, unexpected legal disputes or other issues that may be present


six (6) additional legal projects per year

You may select from the following:

  • Trademark Application (client pays USPTO Fees of $350/class)

  • Legal Issue Research / Report / Opinion not exceeding three (3) hours of attorney time

  • Custom Standard Contract (Client Agreement, Website Documents, Licensing & Assignment Agreements, Corporate Bylaws or LLC Operating Agreement with simple membership/share structure, Independent Contractor Agreement) or Custom Complex Agreement (Master Service Agreement with Schedules Exceeding 30 Pages; Asset Purchase Agreement; Bylaws / Operating Agreement for entities with more than two members and/or complex share/membership/profit structures; and other complex agreements)

  • Entity Formation Advice

  • IP / Legal Audit

  • Additional Brand Strategy Session


Your Investment: $2,500 / month

Strategy Call

Every engagement begins with a Strategy Call where we get clear on your business and legal needs, answer any questions you may have, and if we’re a good fit, agree on scope + payment terms. The consultation fee is deducted from your first month’s subscription payment.


If you elect to move forward, we’ll send you our contract and first invoice. Once the agreement is signed and the invoice is paid, we’ll set up a kick-off call to discuss processes, integrate into your team, and confirm priorities before creating a solid game plan for the next quarter + year.

Getting to Work

Once you’re onboarded, we’ll get started with your Brand Audit, collaborate with you to set project priorities and timelines, and jump into our first project right away. We take the reins when it comes to legal so you can focus on growing your business.

Hi! I’m Liz

Multi-award-winning business attorney, IP strategist, serial entrepreneur, lifelong nonconformist, owner of Corvinus Law + CEO of Renegade Legal.

As a lawyer, I’m all about risk management and liability protection. As an entrepreneur, there are few things I’m more passionate about than freedom, ease, and the systems that can make it possible for any business to support a lifestyle where we have time for all the things that are important to us.

My mission is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners with contracts, policies, SOPs and strategic legal advice designed to safeguard their valuable intellectual property while proactively preventing lawsuits, scope creep, payment issues, regulatory fines and other legal problems.


My clients are living proof that if you build an infrastructure that minimizes avoidable client/legal drama and frees up your focus and creativity to do what you love, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than your grand vision. And it is my mission to show every entrepreneur that protecting your profits, time and energy from avoidable legal issues can be easier than you think – especially with a seasoned legal pro by your side to help you proactively prevent problems before they have a chance to occur, instead of waiting until after SHTF to react.

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