Subscription Legal Services

Providing our clients with 

Certainty and Predictability

So You Can Focus on Your Business - Not Your Next Surprise Legal Bill

Our Subscription Plans are a great way for our small business clients to get answers to business or legal questions as needed, without having to worry about the time-clock ticking and high hourly fees. Whenever you have a legal issue, whether it’s a compliance matter, a cease and desist, a commercial lease review, or a dispute with a client or vendor, you can pick up the phone or send an e-mail to get a quick response (if possible) from your attorney.

We have five levels of subscription plans, designed to accommodate various levels of legal needs, depending on where you are in your business. Our most basic subscription starts at only $300/month, and includes 1.5 hours of telephone calls, 6 monthly e-mail exchanges, and the review of one contract per quarter with written comments. Our highest level subscription offers the highest level of service we provide to any client - including unlimited document drafting, legal research, reports, correspondence, and travel. This subscription is a good fit for those businesses that are ready to make a significant investment. 

If you believe that a subscription plan may be a good fit for your business and budget, click on the link below to download our most current subscription fee schedule. If you like what you see, go to our contact page and schedule a consultation today and we'll get you set up!

Click HERE to Download our Subscription Fee Schedule

In addition to the reduced rates listed in our Subscription Fee Schedule, we also offer the following discounts:

 15% off services falling outside of subscription

 20% off all services for fair trade, socially responsible, non-profit and sustainable businesses (including certified B-Corps)

 25% off all services to businesses with a demonstrated commitment and track record of protecting and contributing to the welfare of animals

 1 month free if 12-month subscription paid in advance.

Disclaimer: While in many cases, we are able to offer the services listed on this page for the fees shown, the prices listed in the Subscription Fee Schedule are in no way be a guarantee of the total cost of your legal representation prior to consulting with us. Certain tasks, due to their complexity, will fall outside our subscription program. After speaking with you about your needs, we will be able to determine if a fixed legal fee will work for your situation. All fixed legal fee agreements must be agreed to in writing by Corvinus Law and the Client. 

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