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At Corvinus Law, we focus on establishing, developing and leveraging our clients' intellectual property to help them achieve success in the marketplace and realize the most value from their IP assets. We offer our clients a wide range of services including trademark and copyright registrations, licensing and technology transfers, IP audits and IP asset due diligence, portfolio management, and strategic advice on obtaining and protecting their intellectual property.

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trademark protection

The mission of our Trademark practice is to protect the goodwill and brand value that our clients have worked hard to develop. We do this by performing comprehensive clearance searches, rendering registrability opinions, filing your mark with the USPTO, and performing ongoing maintenance of marks post-registration. 

We help clients establish, enforce and challenge trademark rights in the United States; counsel clients in trade dress and unfair competition matters under Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act; as well as other matters involving IP rights such as noncompete agreements, licensing and transfers, publishing rights, piracy, domain name acquisition, counterfeiting, and cybersquatting.


Clearance Search

Our process starts with finding and analyzing other marks used in connection with the same or related goods or services that are similar in terms of their visual, aural and connotative aspects to such a degree that consumers may believe that the goods or services emanate from the same source.

Registrability Report

Upon completion of our clearance search, we provide our clients with a  registrability report containing our findings and opinions as to the availability of the proposed mark, any potential issues and conflicts with existing marks, and our recommendations moving forward.

USPTO Application

Upon the client's express approval, we prepare and file the appropriate type of Trademark Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


For registered marks, we offer a month-to-month trademark registration maintenance service, consisting of regular monitoring of new USPTO filings for possible infringing applications and registrations in the same classes as our client's mark. 


Copyright refers to the exclusive legal rights that authors of creative content have in their works. (Think songs, books, e-books, website content, blogs, digital downloads, photos, graphics, sound recordings, videos, computer programs, architectural works, and similar creative works). Copyright owners of all such original works have the exclusive right to copy, distribute, publicly display, perform, and prepare derivative works in connection with the material subject to the copyright.

Even though federal copyright protection attaches to a work at the moment that it is created and fixed in a tangible form (such as writing it down or recording it on tape), registering the work with the Copyright Office offers many distinctive advantages, including the following:

     ✓ Registration establishes a public record of your Copyright ownership

     ✓ Registration is a prerequisite for filing a Copyright Infringement action (except for works originating in another country that is a signatory to the Berne Convention)

     ✓ If done within three months of publication, or before the infringement occurs, registration allows for recovery of attorneys’ fees and statutory damages in an Infringement Action

     ✓ If done within five years of publication, registration is considered evidence that, unless rebutted, is sufficient to prove the validity of the your Copyright

     ✓ You can record your registration with U.S. Customs in order to protect against infringing imports

     ✓ Having a valid Copyright registration helps protect you against infringing sellers of goods on third party sales platforms such as Amazon

At Corvinus Law, we help our clients protect their copyrighted works against unauthorized copying, distribution and performance by filing federal Copyright registrations, and represent Copyright owners in actions against people and businesses that sell infringing items. 


Trade Secrets can be among the most valuable IP owned by a company, reflecting cutting edge innovations, contributions of key personnel, and other proprietary information that give your business a competitive advantage.

At Corvinus Law, we work strategically and creatively to protect, maintain and enforce our clients’ trade secret rights and to defend them against claims for trade secret misappropriation across a wide range of industries. We strive to handle and resolve trade secret issues and allegations when they arise, with the goal of preventing and preempting long, drawn-out legal disputes where feasible. We advise and counsel clients on best practices for trade secret protection and enforcement, and conduct regular trade secret audits to ensure that these valuable assets are protected at all times.

ip transactions & agreements

Structuring effective and profitable IP transactions requires a combination of business, strategic, and legal acumen. At Corvinus Law, we have the legal expertise and business savvy to help you get the most benefit out of your IP deals.

We assist our clients in a wide variety of transactions, including technology transfers and licensing programs to monetize copyright, trademark and service mark portfolios. Whether it is entertainment, apparel, software, online and social media content, or a service being provided, we work with our clients strategically to protect their rights, negotiate agreements, in-license or out-license technologies, ensure compliance with applicable laws and quality control regulations, enforce licensed rights, and perform due diligence and clearance searches for licensed IP and product line extensions.

Some of the IP transactions and licensing matters handled by our firm include:

     ✓ Copyright and Trademark License Agreements 

     ✓ Technology Acquisition and Sale Agreements

     ✓ Copyright Releases

     ✓ Outsourcing Agreements

     ✓ Non-disclosure Agreements 

     ✓ Reseller and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreements 

     ✓ Exclusive and Non-Exclusive distribution Agreements 

     ✓ Supply and Manufacturing Agreements

     ✓ Joint Venture Agreements 

     ✓ Joint Development Agreements

     ✓ Professional Service and Consulting Agreements 

     ✓ Strategic Licensing Programs

     ✓ Website Terms and Conditions

     ✓ Website Terms of Use

     ✓ End User License Agreements (EULA)

     ✓ Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements

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