Contract Review

Book this document review + consult package if you’d like to discuss a specific contract, letter or other document with an attorney.


  • A 60-minute attorney review of your contract, letter or other legal document. We will review the document, highlight areas of concern, and provide general comments regarding problematic terms, and what we believe should be edited, added or removed to protect your interests. (Please note that this consists of general commentary / minor edits only, and does not include extensive drafting of new clauses or an entire new contract in 60 minutes. Only if we do not use the entire 60 minutes on review and comments will any remaining time be applied to drafting.)
  • 30-minute consultation in which we’ll answer your questions and discuss the suggested modifications.


  • Creation of custom contracts and any drafting, edits, and redlining that cannot be covered within the total 90-minutes allotted to this review package (contract drafting is a different service + fee)
  • Charges for any legal services you may ask us to perform following the contract review (such as redlining or drafting a new agreement)


The following terms and conditions apply to all document review bookings:

1) No more than 30 pages of documents will be reviewed for any single document review booking. If documents exceed 30 pages, two sessions must be booked.

2) All relevant documentation must be sent to at least 24 hours prior to the consultation (you can reply to the confirmation e-mail we send you right after booking). Documents received on the day of the appointment may not be reviewed prior to the consult due to the short time frame. In such cases, we will discuss the contract over Zoom and will make comments and suggested revisions following the session.


The purpose of this booking is to ensure that you understand the terms of a document before signing and to make general suggestions, and not to create a new legal document. Redlining, editing, making revisions and providing additional assistance in negotiating or responding to any legal document requires the execution of a fee agreement and advance payment of any applicable fees.

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