Many startups and small businesses have a high need for ongoing legal support, but cannot afford to hire in-house legal counsel. In order to allow our clients to have access to an experienced corporate and IP law attorney without the costly overhead of hiring permanent in-house counsel, we provide outside general counsel services on a retainer, subscription, fixed-fee, or as-needed (hourly) basis. With our flexible pricing models, you have the option to select whichever structure best suits the needs of your business.

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Benefits of Hiring an Outside General Counsel Firm


practical, no-fluff, business-centric advice

For start-up and early stage companies, a part-time general counsel typically helps with any number of day-to-day legal issues, including contract negotiating and drafting, lease review, employment matters, and proactive risk management. For larger companies with an in-house staff, a part-time in-house lawyer can be deployed to provide overflow assistance when the internal team is stretched due to spikes in workload or leaves of absence, or provide subject matter expertise that may not exist on the in-house team. In either case, lawyers offering part-time general counsel services can jump on projects and integrate into teams with little oversight.


It's Predictable and cost effective

Our flexible pricing options allow you to be strategic about, and stay in control of, your budget. Flexibility is at the core of our part-time general counsel model, with services customized to meet the different and often changing needs of your business. Our services can be purely on-demand (hourly); project-based (fixed-fee) or arranged to fill a long-term general counsel function (subscription model). 


unique attorney-client relationship​​​

Hiring our firm means that you will work with one lawyer only, rather than the conventional partner-associate-paralegal structure utilized in traditional firms. Our model allows us to get to know your business as if it were our own, which in turn allows us to develop a close working relationship in which we serve as your trusted legal advisor. We would like to become your go-to legal counsel as you grow, expand and take on new challenges. In many instances, we are available to work on site at your offices as needed, and we often discount our fees for travel time. Interacting with such regularity means that we can function as adjunct members of your team, available for quick questions in the hallway or lunches in the cafeteria.

Pricing Options

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Our retainer model requires the client to pay for a certain number of hours of legal services in advance (at a reduced hourly rate), which will be applied toward the total fee billed.


Our Subscription model allows you to pay a fixed monthly subscription fee in order for us to handle all the day-to-day legal operations of your business.

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As Needed (Hourly)

Sometimes you just need an attorney to answer a quick question, take care of a single issue. In such cases, our Hourly option may be the best fit.


Our Fixed-Fee model takes away much of the financial uncertainty that comes with hiring an attorney, by making our services available at fixed fees. 

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