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Protect Your Business With Lawyer-Drafted Contracts

it msp cya special

Protect Your Business With Lawyer-Drafted Contracts


The IT MSP CYA Bundle was created for IT MSPs that desire to protect their assets, limit their legal liability exposure, and increase their revenue by implementing custom contracts and legal forms designed for the specific needs of their business.


Some of the key benefits of having custom legal contracts in your business include:

1) Having legal documents that clearly define what you do (and don’t do) for your clients –  many IT MSPs believe that they’ve done a good job describing their services in the contract, only to find out years down the line – whether in court or in an ugly client dispute – that the agreements they’ve been working with are anything but clear;

2) Being aware, and in control, of the risks and liabilities you take on – rather than “hoping and praying” that the contract you’re using doesn’t throw you under the bus with overbroad indemnity language, lack of disclaimers, astronomical and one-sided insurance coverage requirements, and little to no limitation of your potential liabilities;

3) Clearly defining the duties and responsibilities of your client – and absolving your business of any legal liability for losses and damages attributable to the client’s failure to comply; and

4) Protecting yourself with appropriate waivers and termination options – typically needed in the (not uncommon) event that your client refuses a critical service on the account of cost. Whether you want to disclaim liability as a result of their decision not to implement a critical security measure or terminate the contract with immediate effect, it is critical that your legal documents give you a way out of a situation with an unreasonable client.

5) Peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from foreseeable legal risks.



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Ready to Grow Your Brand and Scale Your Business With the Help of an Award-Winning Attorney to Your Team?

Ready to Grow Your Brand and PROTECT YOUR ASSETS With the Help of an Award-Winning Attorney to Your Team?

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